History of the Winneshiek's:
Information on Bill S. Winneshiek Jr.

Thunder Clan

I graduated with a BS from the University of Illinois; graduate skool at Long Beach State.

Current interests include volleyball, football, pow wows, and motorcycles (there are only two types of motorcycles...Harley Davidson and Indian).
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
Unsure of the year, but Dad had his Pilot Wings.

Doris Winneshiek
Doris Winneshiek, my Great Aunt; and sister of
William P. Winnneshiek, my Grandfather

William P. and Marie Winnneshiek
William P. and Marie Winnneshiek
My Grandfather and Grandmother

Winneshiek and Spatz
My maternal grandfather, grandmother,
Uncle, Aunt, 3 cousins, and the Winneshiek's

Orange Softail

Blue Softail

Black Super Glide Custom

Czar Chow
Colorado Springs around 1971
with "Czar" #1, a Chow.

Czar Wolf
"Czar" #2. Half Wolf and half Malumute.

Czar Wolf
"Czar" #2. Half Wolf and half Malumute.

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